Cast Party

I used to have a Judy Garland CD that was a live recording of her singing with a variety of performers including her talented children.  It basically sounded like she had her famous friends over and they were all gathered ’round the piano singing and cracking jokes.  Last night’s cast party was pretty much like that and yes, I play the role of Judy Garland in this simile. 

I like to joke that my Love Language is laughter.  If you make me laugh and if you laugh at my jokes, I love you.  Really though it’s quality time and acts of service.  Parties are my ultimate way to say “I love you” because I get to do both!  I truly enjoy taking care of people.  My heart swells to see my house full of loved ones who are enjoying themselves, making themselves at home in the comfy chair, playing the piano, and opening the wine. 

This morning I sat in the chaise, wrapped in my robe and sipping coffee.  I looked around my home; rearranged to create the best social settings and for good view of the Karaoke “stage.”  Pictures from last night popped into my head.  Some of my favorite images from last night were:

– my friends’ children playing in the chicken coop.  Not just in the hen yard but full bodies in the coop, climbing on the little ramp and finding eggs. 

– I peered out my window and looked down to the deck and saw Brian Sides on the adorandak, enjoying the mountain view and taking drags on his cigar, just making himself at home. 

-Greg opening another bottle of wine.  Never for himself, mind you!  Ha!

– Karaoke.  Hearing the beautiful voices of my talented friends.  Marielle, doing Alicia Keys and nailing it.  James Walker brought the whole house to tears with his gorgeous and haunting voice.  Anna’s caramel tones…  But the best, the absolute My Heart May Burst BEST is when we would all sing the chorus together!  Everyone singing the chorus to Piano Man, the group performance of Summer Lovin’.  Ugh.  Highlight of the night!

I think last night was a successful party.  It was a great way to end a fabulous run.  These people are so dear to me!  Thanks guys for all your help with barricading the garage, bringing food, and cleaning up.  Thank you for a wonderful night!!  We must do it again! 




About buddyandbug

Man and I moved from Texas to Colorado with Buddy and Bug. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures as we deal with homesickness and adjust to Mountain Living. “If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein
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