Bon Voyage

Sometime last summer I received a notice informing me of an inheritance from my Grandmother.  The letter sort of pissed me off.  It was gross.  Was I supposed to be happy or blessed by this?  I didn’t want her stinkin money.  I wanted my Grandma.  I threw the letter into a pile of papers on my desk, planning to do nothing about it.

About a month later my Aunt called to tell me that no one else could collect their inheritance until all of the claims had been made.  Fine.  I resentfully sent mine in.  A week later I received the check.  I was again offended by it.  I gave the check to Man.

“What would you like me to do with it?” he asked.

“I don’t care.  Put it in an account for the boys.  Invest it.  I just don’t want it.”

“I’ll tell you what.  How about we put it into savings until you decide what to do with it.”


Sometime later I saw My Sweet Cousin.  My Sweet Cousin is special needs.  I honestly don’t know what her “label” is.  There may be multiple ones.  I kind of hate all of those labels anyway.  I don’t think any of us fit into categories.  Anywhoo, My Sweet Cousin is 17 but has the maturity level of a 7 year old and has speech issues.  That’s not accurate either.  Sometimes she’s as mature as her years and beyond.  I love My Sweet Cousin.  She was also very close to Grandma.   Anyway, I saw My Sweet Cousin and she told me in her unique speech that she got Grandma’s money.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.  I’m going to take a trip with it!”

“That’s a good idea,” I told her.  “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Disney and I’m treating Mom and Dad!  They always take me places and now I get to take them because it’s MY money!”

Makes me teary eyed every time I think of it.  What a generous sweet heart!  How sweet and how smart!  Of course she should travel with it!  Grandma loved to travel!  I started to consider the idea of taking a trip with my inheritance.

One day while talking to Caren, she confirmed the idea.

“You know what you should do with Grandma’s inheritance?  Take a trip!  You should go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go!”

“Yeah…you’re right!”  I could hear My Sweet Cousin saying how it was HER money.  For the first time in 15 years I too had my own money.  I could go wherever I wanted with it!  If you don’t hold the money you don’t get to have a say in it!

“I’ve always wanted to go to Paris!  Ever since Man took me to see French Kiss….”

“Oo!  Paris would be perfect!” Caren agreed.

Long story longer: Man has no desire to go to France and so my girlfriends Caren and Robby stepped in!  Robby made all of the arrangements and before I knew it I was letting Man know that I would be gone on these dates.

“Mom, you can only go to France under the following conditions:  You promise to come back, you always wear your wedding ring, you only speak English when you are alone with your friends and…that you have an AMAZING time!”

“Ha!  Bug!  You don’t need to worry.  I promise to come back.  In fact I’ll be so excited to come home!”  I assured him.

“But the men will try to marry you!”

I think Bug overheard Man and Caren’s Man making jokes about their wives never returning and running away with Frenchman.  Silliness.

“The men will not want to marry a ‘silly American woman!’  If anyone asks me to marry them, I’ll just say ‘noh!'”

“Ha ha!  Noh!”

Buddy and Bug have been working on French with me.  The other night at a restaurant Bug ordered his meal in French.

“Je voudrais une Lil Buckaroo, s’il vous plait.”

Strangely enough, our waitress spoke French.

Last night there were more concerns voiced by Bug.  He just really doesn’t want me to go.  Buddy seems cool.

“We’ll get to have a Guy’s Week.  No women!”

I found Man laying on his back in bed.  I laid down next to him.

“You leave tomorrow…” he said.

“Yep.  Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah.  We’re going to be fine.”

“I’ve never left you guys for this long before.”


“I left you the numbers for my friends.  They’ll all be happy to help you with the kids and stuff while I’m gone.  Be sure to utilize your resources.”

“I will.”

“I’m about to go to Paris, Babe!”

“I know.”

“It’s the only thing on my bucket list!  Well…until recently.  I just added ‘bathe a sloth’ to the list.  After that, I’ll be ready to die.”


“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me.  This is all Grandma.”

“Well…it wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t willing to take care of the kids yourself.”

“I’m not willing.  You gave me no choice!”

“Oh please!” I laughed.  “I don’t want to hear that.  I asked you TWICE!” I scolded as I pinned his arms to the bed.  He pushed me up.  Laughing, I laid all of my weight into my hands and pushed his back down. 

“Gotchya!” I crowed.

Then it was Man’s turn to laugh.  “Do you seriously think that you did that yourself?”  He then started to bench press me while I pushed back as hard as I could.  I screamed and laughed.

“What’s the matter Mom?!” the boys cried as they ran to my rescue.

“Nothing.  Your Dad is just flexing his muscles.”

This was apparently a ticket to the Gun Show as the boys all pushed up their sleeves and showed me their muscles.

I tucked the kids into bed.  They prayed for my trip.  They prayed I’d be safe and that I’d come home soon.

“Bug, I don’t want you to worry while I’m gone.  Daddy will take good care of you guys and I’ll be safe.  God’s angels will be with me.”

“Just promise to come home!” he pleaded.

“I promise.  Besides, I have to bring you your French cookbook!”

“Oh yeah!” he smiled and closed his eyes.

I’m so ready for this adventure!  I think my Grandma would love it!  She often travelled with her girlfriends too.  This is just the sort of thing she’d do.  She would also love that My Sweet Cousin came up with the idea to travel and that I’m going somewhere I’ve always dreamed of going.

Thank you for this amazing gift, Grandma!  See you in Paris!


About buddyandbug

Man and I moved from Texas to Colorado with Buddy and Bug. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures as we deal with homesickness and adjust to Mountain Living. “If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein
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2 Responses to Bon Voyage

  1. Les says:

    I love you, Michal! …Sweet Cousin, and Grandma. You’re all such beautifully special people. =-)

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