Buddy And Bug Get Dirty

One of the highlights or our whirlwind trip to Texas was that we were able to catch The Dirty River Boys play in Austin.  After falling in love with their music in Steamboat, Man and I have been following them from afar.  We’ve petitioned a few times for The Boys to come and play in the Denver area but…alas…it has been in vain.  Looks like we will have to wait until January when they play at the next music festival in Steamboat.


Since I can’t get DRB to come to the mountains Man and I decided to bring the mountains to the DRB.  (Plus I’d been missing Lupe’s beef fajitas and Sangria swirled Margaritas.)

My Austin dwelling sister noted the venue they were playing at, Uncle Billy’s Rooftop, was a family restaurant and so it would be a kid friendly place for the boys.  I called Lauren to confirm this claim and to see if she and her Man were in for a night with Buddy and Bug and DRB.  She of course, was all game!

“Travis’ intermission speeches can be a bit colorful,” she warned.

“Good to know.  I’ll give the boys a heads up.”

Not that my boys are strangers to “color” and “spice.”  I do try to keep it clean around them, however the other day after yelling at Bug about something, Buddy said he needed to speak to me “in private.”  Apparently when yelling I dropped the SH-bomb.

“Mom, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for sometime now,” Buddy began.  “I don’t want to make you mad but…well, your temper has been kind of bad lately and you have said ‘shit’ in front of us 4 times this year….”

Though I realized I was being reprimanded I must say I was pretty proud.  I had no idea I was doing so well!  I thought the count would’ve been much higher as this has been a very trying year.

“Thank you Buddy.  I’m sorry for saying that word in front of you guys because, you are right, it’s not a nice word.  I’m also sorry for my temper.  I don’t like to yell.  It would help a lot if you guys would not make me repeat myself.  It seems no one does what I say until I start to yell.  Will you forgive me and will you help me?”

He hugged me and agreed to these terms.  After our talk I walked into the kitchen to ask Bug to clean up a mess he made.  I asked again.  I asked again.  Then I yelled it.

“Do you see Buddy?!  Do you see why I start to yell?!”

He did.  I was bummed that my No Yelling truce lasted all of 5 minutes but I have to say, I did not cuss.

*pats self on back.*

That all being said, I do try to censor things for the boys to a point.  Our music tastes are eclectic and there is language in some.  I have a “mute” button on my steering wheel so I can edit the big naughty words but I let the benign words like hell and damn slip by.  The boys know they are not ok for them to say except in correct context.  DRB has lots of the little swears and one song in particular with an F-bomb and a GD.  Sometimes I try to mute them and other times I just skip the song if Buddy and Bug are in the car.

I realized that there would be no mute button at the performance but I would be ready with Ear Muffs like on Old School.  (If you have not been fortunate enough to catch this Vince Vaughn classic, Ear Muffs are when you cover your kids ears with your hands while fowl language is flung about.)  I also had a little talk with them.

“Hey Guys, I just want to remind you that though you may hear bad words at the concert but you are not to repeat them, understood?”


“Especially Travis,” I said remembering Lauren’s warning, “he may say some things but you can’t.”

“Why can he say them and not us?” Bug asked.

“Because he’s a man.  When you are a man you can use swear words if you so choose but even then you will learn there are places and times when you can’t.”

“But at a concert you can?”

“Hell yeah.”

Just kidding!  I didn’t say that!  Hahaha!  That would’ve been good though… Instead I sent a tongue in cheek message to The Dirty River Boys via facebook:

“Taking our little boys to their first DRB concert this week!  I warned them the language may be a little saucy… ;)”

Anywhoo, the boys were excited our whole way there.

From Colorado.

14 hours.


We stopped at Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo. Grafitti is fun!

Fourteen hours and they travelled quite well but often (and by often I mean WAY too often) they would ask again which day we would see the concert or which songs will they sing, or tell-me-all-their-names-and-what-instruments-they-play-again.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Also asked:

“Who is your favorite Dirty River Boy?”

“Um…I really love them all but for different reasons,” I answered.

“That’s what you say about us,” Buddy answered displeased with my safe reply.

“Um…ok…I guess the one I love the most….is Travis.  He’s the drummer and I find myself watching him the most.  They all have so much character and love for what they are doing but Travis gets kind of lost in it, I think.  I like that.  The music takes him over.”

Finally the evening of the concert arrived!  We had dinner with Lauren at a restaurant near Uncle Billy’s Rooftop.

“I can’t believe you put that facebook message about language on their page,” laughed Lauren.  Apparently this was “un-cool.”

“I was just being funny.  I’m really not worried about it.  They know I’ll spank their little butts if they talk like that.”

*Do not send me a million comments on spankings.  Thanks.*

The time came and we headed over.  The Uncle Billy’s is right on Lake Travis.  The Boys were playing outside on the rooftop deck overlooking the lake.  It was beautiful and hot just like DRB.  Another band opened for them.  They were good but for two little boys who didn’t know who they were and were greatly anticipating hearing one specific band, it was a little torturous.  Bug turned to me after every song to ask when The Dirty River Boys were going to start.  Buddy entertained himself by making zombie faces with the olives from my Mexican Martini.


Blaaaah…I need brains….

Man hung back by the bar with Lauren’s Man.  At one point Bug gave up on the opening act and headed to the bar.  Man was at a table but Bug walked right past him and grabbed a stool at the bar, sipping a Sprite.  I kept waiting to see if the bartender would send him away but he never did.

The other band wrapped it up and the Dirty River Boys took the stage.  Bug returned to sit up front next to Buddy.  Both boys kept glancing back at me, smiling really big.  Once the guys started to play my boys were clapping and grinning, little legs swinging under their seats!  They had never been to a concert.  It was amazing for them to hear the actual guys they hear on the CD singing live in front of them.

“Mom!  Look at Travis!”  Bug said pointing excitedly at Travis who was hammering away on the cajon.

I smiled and gave him sort of a thumbs up.

“Do you see him Mom?!”

“Yeah Bug!  I see him!  It’s great!”

Buddy walked around to my side of the table after about the second song.

“It’s a bit too loud for me,” said my 110 year old boy.  “If you don’t mind I’m going to sit back by the bar…”

“Take your Daddy with you.”

I moved up into Buddy’s seat and sat next to Bug.  Bug was enjoying it all but was getting upset after each song.

“When are they going to play my favorite song?” he asked.

“I don’t know.  They might not.  You should ask them to play it.”

“No!  You ask them!”  he said shocked that one could do that and scared at the thought of doing it himself.

“Nope.  You want the song.  You should do it.  They will probably listen to you before me.  Plus you have such a loud voice.  Do it!  Marco’s right near us.  Just shout to him the song you want to hear.”

Bug looked at me rather unsure and then shouted, “Marco!  Play ‘Satisfied!'”

I saw the band all look at each other with confused looks.

“Bug,” I laughed, “Its not called Satisfied.  It’s called Draw.”

“Oh great!” He pouted and he got mad and embarrassed because I was laughing and because he asked the wrong name.

“It’s ok.  After this song.  Ask again but ask for Draw.”

“No way!  You do it this time!”

The song ended and I called for Draw.  The band started up with another song.

“Maybe they didn’t hear me Bug.  Sorry.”

He huffed and folded his arms across his chest.  I gave him a short lecture on how I was not going to take spoiled brats to concerts and that he was missing the fun of it all if he kept pouting about this one song.

Bug pepped up some and took pictures of the band.  He was really excited about that!


Then they started the intro for “She.”  This is the song with the F-bomb and GD.  I had Bug sit next to me and I got the Ear Muffs ready.

“Her lips were OH SO red!”  wailed Marco.

I turned to look at Lauren in shock!

“They changed the lyrics!”  (The OH SO was the GD part…)

“They got your message!”  she said shocked.

Honestly, they were probably asked by Uncle Billy’s to mind their Ps and Qs because they serve all ages but…who knows!

“She’s like her own MESSED up version of a fairy tale…” they sang their “radio version” lyrics.  Buddy and Bug are probably wondering why there is always a hiccup on those parts when we listen in the car… Towards the end of the show I tried again to make Bug’s request and got my whole table involved.

“LET’S HEAR DRAW!” we shouted.

A guy at another table said, “oh yeah!  That’s a good one!  DRAW!”

Marco looked at his watch.  Time was almost up and the band always ends with the same song: The Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.  It was quite apropos really.  Bug was super disappointed and I probably pushed it by singing the closing song to him.  (Bad Mama!)  Man rescued him, said, “He’s tired,” and took him back to sit at the bar with his brother.

The concert ended and I vowed that I would never take a child to a concert again.  Ever.

I encouraged the boys to go up and let me take pictures of them with the band but Bug (still pouting) wouldn’t do it.  I got a great picture of Buddy with the so-good-looking Colton James.  Buddy and CJ in one photo is a lot of handsome!  Whew!

My sister’s boyfriend bought his kids DRB t-shirts and was sweet enough to buy my kids a bumber sticker to remember the night by.  This cheered Bug up a bit.  He handed Bug a sharpie and told him to go and get signatures.  About that same time Lauren’s Man walks over with Nino.

Nino walked straight up to the boys and introduced himself.  Suddenly Bug was right as rain!

“I told him the boys came all the way from Colorado to see them,” Lauren’s Man said.  I gave him a big hug!  He’s the best!

Nino spent a lot of time talking to the boys.  I couldn’t really hear their conversation because I tried to hang back and let them have their moment.  Bug was talking a lot.  At one point Nino looked at me sort of confused, so there is no telling what Bug was saying.  Oh Lord.  I rescued him by suggesting they all take a picture together.  Bug held the bumper sticker across his chest and Buddy and Nino stood behind him.  It’s a great shot.  You would never know that Bug had such a rough night.

After that, Bug took off with the sticker, armed with his Sharpie, and boldly took the stage to talk to Travis.  Travis also gave Bug lots of attention and time.  He signed his sticker and then offered him a drumstick.  (Note: this was not a turkey leg, though we all know Bug wouldn’t turn that down either.) Travis signed it: Bug, Behave! ~ Travis.


Travis and Bug

I bounced back and forth between Buddy and Bug snapping pictures of them with each band member.  As in Steamboat, I once again missed Marco.  Why are you so darn elusive Marco?  Actually, I had a chance to get the boys picture with him.

When I was reviewing the pics on my camera the boys took off.  I found them with Marco who was surrounded by people at the bar.  As I approached he looked up with relief in his eyes either because he was glad I was coming for the little rug rats pestering him or because he was so glad to know they were not unattended.  Either way, I decided not to take a pic because he was entertaining so many others.  One day Marco…you will be mine.  (Seriously, he has the most amazing smile.)


Marco is the one smiling in this pic. See what I mean? 100 watt.

The night ended on a high note.  Buddy and Bug held my hands as we walked out to the car.

“Mom, I’m sorry I threw a fit about that song,”  Bug apologized through a yawn.

OK…maybe I will bring them back to a concert….


About buddyandbug

Man and I moved from Texas to Colorado with Buddy and Bug. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures as we deal with homesickness and adjust to Mountain Living. “If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein
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