A Picture Of Health

OK, I promise that not every blog is going to be about our plan to get healthy but I have to share this little bit!

A couple of years ago we had some friends visiting.  I served a meaty stew, bread, salad and pie for dessert.  After the meal Bug pat his bloated belly and said, “Look at me!  I’m the picture of health!”  The table errupted in laughter!

Yesterday was spectacular!  The whole family went for a hike with almost all of our Mountain People.  It was at one of my favorite places to hike.  I love this location because it has lots of rocks you can climb on.  Not like at Red Rocks where there are tons of gorgeous rouge hewed rocks begging to be climbed but the park will fine you like $1000 if you do it.  Boo. 

Our group hiked to one of these large rock formations and then climbed to the top.  The top is fairly flat so we had a breakfast picnic there.  I loved watching the kids scurry up the sides of the boulders. 

Go Bug, Go! I cheered for the strength being built.  Buddy ran up those things like a mountain goat.  Man navigates them the same way.  He looks like he is just climbing stairs where as I have to get on all fours and crawl up more like a rodent or something.

Buddy is already standing at the top. Bug is bringing up the rear climbing Mommy Style.

We ended up hiking for four hours and then we regrouped at a friend’s house where the kids played outside the rest of the day.  Buddy and Bug earned 6 tokens to put towards screen time yesterday!  FABULOUS!!!

Not so fabulous were our food options.  I mean, they were fabulous in the sense that they were super yummy but there were so many carbohydrates!  I woke up feeling like my blood sugar had plummeted from the top of the boulders we climbed.  We all had bagels and cream cheese, fruit and juice at the mountain top breakfast.  There were also scones and muffins available. 

“Mmm!  Can I have a muffin?” Bug asked.

“Bug, how many breads can you have today?  Remember you already had that huge bagel.”  Caren reminded him.  He was already peeling the liner off of the muffin when her voice alerted me to what was going on.  I had not noticed that Bug was diving into the muffins. 

“Oh yeah…” he paused.  “Can I still have it?”

“How about one of these scones instead,” Man said and handed Bug a scone that was at least smaller than the muffin.  This was the first I’d seen of Man showing support for our plan.  Yea!

After the hike we had lunch at our friend’s house.  Here we ate turkey and cheese sandwiches on a variety of whole wheat breads.  Bug tried pumpernickel for the first time and he only had half a sandwich instead of a whole.  He also had a helping of Lays potato chips.  As did I. 

And beer. 

Not Bug.  I had beer.  Just confessing to my carb/sugar intake. 

After his sandwich he wanted one of the brats being grilled.  (Bratwurst.  Not an anyones annoying kid.)  I told him no and reminded him that he should save room for the ice cream cake Man brought.  He ran off to play with his friends.

So I thought.

He quickly returned and started to dance around the grill while singing, “I get a brat!  I get a brat!”  Man came following behind him.

“Bug, I already told you that you didn’t need to eat anymore.”

“Daddy said I could have a brat!”

I glared at Man who glared back as he plopped the sausage on a plate for our son.

“No bun,” I said.

“It’s an all day battle for you,” Caren noted.

“And for him,” I agreed.

Later Buddy came up asking for milk.

“No.  You really need to be drinking water when you are playing hard out in the sun like this.”

Later I hear Man telling Buddy that he can have as much milk as he wants.

We all survived yesterday though Man has no idea how close to death he actually came.  Especially after I found four pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the freezer.   He’s lucky I had just enough beer to put me in a good mood.

This morning Bug was filling his “Belly” with his Food Dollars.

“Mom, I just love this new chart you’ve made for us!  I love getting healthy!” he cheered.

“It has its pros and cons…” Buddy mused.

The boys made their lunches for school being careful to include a protein, fruit and veggie.  Yea!

Today was Baking Day and the first that I have participated in in a long time.  I had some rhubarb that needed to be dealt with.  I was the earliest and was alone for the first hour.  This was a little scary because I planned to make a pie with this rhubarb.  I had asked Kathy Queen of Crusts to come this morning and make it for me but she said she had to go to her sons Eighth Grade Graduation.

“Pfft.  He’s not really graduating, ” I reasoned with her.  “You graduate from highschool and college.  That’s it.  Come make my pie crust!”

But she didn’t.  Apparently her kid is more important.  So I started to get nervous when the recipe told me to make the crust in one of those mixers with paddles and stuff.  Caren’s kitchen of course has one of those but I don’t even know how to put it together.  So I winged it.  It turned out awesome and buttery and flakey!  I think there could’ve been a little less sugar as the strawberries added quite a bit of sweetness but the point is there were no tears, no spills, no smoke, it looked edible and tasted delectable.  Truly, the break I took from the kitchen had been good for me.  The others eventually arrived and Laurel made our bread, some banana muffins and Caren and I marinated some chicken for our dinners. 

When the kids got home from school Bug and I had piano lessons.  Tuesday nights are always kind of hectic because of this so I try to plan a fast dinner.  Tonight we had guacamole chicken grilled cheese sandwiches on Laurel’s bread.  Bug was hovering in the kitchen while I made them.

“I’m waiting…”

“I see that…”

“I’m patiently waiting here…”

“Get out of my kitchen or there is no pie for you.”

Since everyone was so hungry I did not make a salad.  I figured the avocado, tomatoes, etc. would be enough.  There was nothing but the sandwiches and waters.

“This is delicious!” Bug raved.  “Mom, are the sandwiches our All You Can Eat?” he asked noticing I did not announce that part of our meal.  I was surprised that he was noticing since that has been a fairly new addition.


“Well, what is our all you can eat?  Pie?”

“Oh my, no!  How about cucumbers?  I could slice some up really quick.”

“Yes please!  I love cucumbers!” Bug approved.  “Don’t you like cucumbers too Buddy?”

Buddy agreed and the boys devoured them.  After dinner and clean up we were ready to cut into the strawberry rhubarb pie.

“Mom, I will be happy with whatever size my slice is because I am just happy that I am getting a sweet treat today,” Bug said.  “And I won’t ask for seconds because one is more than enough.”

After pie I filled the bath tub to get the bed time routine started.  I groaned while leaning over the tub. 

“I ate too much!” I told Bug as he got into the tub.

“Me too…hey mom, lean in close to my face,”  Bug was laying on his back in the warm water.  I leaned toward him. 

“Closer…” he beckoned.  When I was nearly nose to nose he took in a deep breath and held it.  Then he pointed down to his belly.  I looked and saw that it was bloated with the air he inhaled. 

“Poke it…” he choked out.  I poked his belly and he blew the air out with a big zerbert as he twisted and turned in the water.  “I’m a balloooooon!” he laughed.  We both laughed until he cried.

“Mom, I’m feeling healthier already.  Don’t I look skinnier to you?” he said while resting his hands on his protruding belly.

“No Bug.  You don’t look skinnier at all but I love that you said you FEEL healthier.  That’s the important part.  You will feel it before you see any changes and really, if you are eating right and exercising like you should and you never look any different, that’s OK because we will know that you are doing what you should to be healthy.  I’m glad you are feeling good!”

His hands still resting on his full belly, he smiled ear-to-ear and swished his beautiful healthy body back and forth in the tub water.


About buddyandbug

Man and I moved from Texas to Colorado with Buddy and Bug. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures as we deal with homesickness and adjust to Mountain Living. “If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein
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4 Responses to A Picture Of Health

  1. sharib22 says:

    another awesome post!!! I saw a low glycemic list recently and potato chips and pumpernickel bread was on the list!! I was shocked and excited and felt better about having both!!!!

  2. Kelli says:

    Graduation IS for high school and college! Totally agreed! 😉

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