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Ham: The Other White Meat

This morning the kids argued about who made the healthier lunch.  “Peanut butter and honey quesadilla is waaay healthier!”  Buddy said. “No way.  Honey is sugar.  I am having a ham and cheese wrap and instead of mustard or mayonnaise, I … Continue reading

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A Picture Of Health

OK, I promise that not every blog is going to be about our plan to get healthy but I have to share this little bit! A couple of years ago we had some friends visiting.  I served a meaty stew, … Continue reading

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So Far So Good

After Bug’s little rant the other morning I was not so sure how our new Awareness Plan was going to go.  That’s what I’m calling it now.  It’s not a weight loss plan but a way for us to become … Continue reading

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Portion Control

I tell ya!  People are so interested in health matters!  Everytime I blog regarding my weight struggles (and now my sons) I get scads of hits to the blog. “It’s everyone’s plight,” Caren said.  “Even my trainer and my super … Continue reading

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The Summer of Health

Buddy was born a skinny little thing!  My sister nicknamed him The Worm.  The pediatricians were worried about his weight and threatened to declare him failure to thrive if he didn’t gain weight.  “You should see his Dad.  If you … Continue reading

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Buddy Goes To Disney Word!

I had told my sons that when they turn ten I would take them on a special trip.  The trip would be in place of a party and presents.  I intended for the trip to just be the two of … Continue reading

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Coming Out Of The Dark

I Believe In The Sun by Darryl Lee Rush I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining. I believe in love when I feel it not. I believe in the good Lord above even when He is silent. Make … Continue reading

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Chicken Run

Last weekend Man assembled a chicken coop.  It took all Saturday long.  I had seen this coop at Big R and loved it because it looked like a little house.  It was so cute!  When he got it home he … Continue reading

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Two weeks prior to my trip to Vegas I put myself on a modified South Beach Diet.  With South Beach there is no sugar, carbs, fruit or alcohol for the first two weeks.  I allowed fruit and I allowed myself chocolate covered strawberries every night and I lost that last lingering 5 pounds!  Yea!

I enjoyed myself in Vegas and the good times kept rolling upon my return with two birthday’s to celebrate and Cinco de Mayo.  Now I am back to Michal’s South Beach. 

On Pinterest this afternoon I found a yummy recipe for artichokes and spaghetti.  I got about 6 artichokes in my co-op box last week.  Usually I blanche them and then peel and dip each leaf into a lemon-butter sauce.  I was excited to find this new way to make artichokes.

The recipe calls for 4-6 artichokes. To start one must trim and clean the artichokes.  I rinsed mine and trimmed the leaves and the stem.  Next you blanche them for 2 minutes in boiling water. 

I went to my cabinet where I keep my dutch oven but it wasn’t there.  I looked in the dishwasher, the sink, and other cabinets.  I figured My Man must’ve used it while I was out of town and so I IM’d him.

Me: Do you happen to know where my dutch oven is?  I can’t find it anywhere.

Man: Not sure what that is…

Me: My biggest pot.  It also has inserts for steaming….

Man: Oh yeah.  It’s in the garage.

Me: Why, pray tell, is it in the garage?

Man: I used it for my tree saplings.  I needed to soak the roots.

I went down into the garage and sure enough, there is my pot with dirt and debris inside.  This is not the first time That Man has used my things as a tool.  He recently installed a door jam and found that my favorite red lipstick was the perfect way to mark its spot.

Me: Found it.

Man: Nice.

Me: Would you please stop using MY things, i.e. lipstick, pots and pans, as tools?

With soap and water I cleaned out the pot and set back to work on my recipe. 

After blanching the artichokes they were to be fried in olive oil, briefly on each side.

This is kind of strange… They are so big!

Next I was to add 2 garlic cloves and some red chili pepper.  It smelled amazing!  While this was going on I had some whole wheat pasta boiling to al dente.  When it was done I was supposed to plate the artichokes with the spaghetti.

This isn’t right.  Their too big!  This doesn’t look like the picture.

I tried to call Caren but could not get a hold of her.  So I searched Google and learned that to clean and trim an artichoke means much more than I had thought.  See here:

Continue reading

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Our last day in Vegas

Our last day in Vegas began at Canyon Ranch Spa, one of the country’s top 10 spas.  I am a fan of lying around doing nothing while people pamper me and so was pumped to schedule treatment there.  I was … Continue reading

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