Status Update: Elite

A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook called “Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Friends.”  You can read it here:

But basically it says that they did a study to see how people felt after reading their “friends” posts.  People who had more than 354 friends would feel depressed more than those who had under that number.  They suspect it is due to reading all of their friends’ good news of job promotions, happy relationships, accomplished children, etc.  Essentially, the readers felt like losers compared to their Facebook compadres who were seemingly humming along in life.

I personally, think that’s kind of sad.  I am happy to hear that my friends and family are doing great in life.  It’s much more fun to read those posts than the ones where they are complaining about every little thing.  Those are the posts that make me sad.  Or annoyed.

I had to hide all friends who use Facebook to push political agendas.  Ug.  I find that boring and often found myself annoyed with people’s emotion fueled responses.  I have no problem with people having opposing views.  In fact, it is more disturbing and scary when people don’t, but most people can’t seem to respectfully disagree. 

Also hidden were the ones I call “The Preacher.”  This is the person who only posts scripture or religious inspirational quotes.  Understand that I don’t mind either political or religious posts but not all the time from the same source.  You can’t possibly be that one-dimensional.  God is good all the time!  What else is going on with you?

Much like The Preacher, I have friends who post motivational quotes.  Everyday.  It seems they have one of those calendars that has a quote each day from Hellen Keller or Corrie Ten Boom.  For whatever reason, they feel we are deprived for not having said calendar and are going to post every quote everyday.  Yea.

There is The Mama.  We (and I say “we” because I fall under this category) post every little thing that Bobby and Billy has done.  The funny things they say, the award they won at school, and of course that they finally pooped in the toilet.  Each post comes with a picture or video for proof of said event.

One of my least favorite postings are the secretive ones.  They say something like “OMG!  I can’t believe this is happening to me!”  This is followed by about 10 comments from concerned friends saying, “I hope it’s a good thing!”  “Are you OK?”  “Call me!”  “What’s going on?”  And the poster never explains.  Ever.  If there is something going on that you don’t want people to know about then don’t freakin’ allude to it on a very public forum such as Facebook!  Duh.

The Commentator:  This person gives you a play-by-play of every action made in a game or TV show that they are watching.  Their opinion on said play is almost always supplied with it.  If we care about the game or the show we are watching it and not on Facebook so…stop it because those of us not watching don’t care.

The Narcissist:  Me.  You are posting more than once a day.  Believe it or not, I try really hard not to.  I’ll post a “status” and then a blog.  And then a picture.  I imagine I am very annoying.  I am certain that many, many of my “friends” have hidden me.  Must…get it…under…control…

The Love Birds:  “Baby, I love you so much!  You mean the world to me and I cherish our every moment together.” 

“Me too, Baby!  How did I ever live with out you?”  *kiss, kiss, hug, hug.  Little kiss, little hug.*

I think it’s wonderful when spouses and SO’s profess their love for one another mid-day.  In private.  Post your little Afternoon Delights in a PM or a hand written note you slip into their brief case but please, for the love of God, stop putting it on Facebook.  Gag.

There are people who announce what they ate, what song they are listening to and where they are at, their phone number or address.  No, no!  Don’t post where you are at.  I try to keep it all very vague.  My son’s school now has a Facebook page but I won’t “friend” it because I don’t want anyone to know exactly where my sons go to school.  Everyone needs to set their profile to private.  The only reason that a profile should be public is if they are selling something.  You can also custom each of your posts and choose to make a post public or not.  Just FYI. 

Oh and there are the people who “like” everything!  It’s nice when someone “likes” your comment but when you see that they liked everyone who commented on the thread…*sad trombone*

To be clear: I am not going to delete or hide you if you sometimes complain, post a picture of an awesome steak you just grilled, brag about your child or post more than twice a day.  But if all of your posts are the same. dang. thing. down comes the virtual cloak…  I deleted a ton of people earlier this year and would still like to purge a little more.  Probably after this blog post I will be deleted by about 40 people.  That’s OK.

So what should we post on Facebook?  (I probably tell too much.  But I would tell it all to you if you were here.  I am an open book.)  Really, all of the above.  Just not the same kind of thing over and over and over and over.  Definitely keep telling us about your good news!  I don’t know who these jerks are that feel bad to hear that something good has happened to a loved one but I love to hear it. 

Oh and the funny stuff.  I don’t hide my Comedians.  You know who you are! 😉




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Man and I moved from Texas to Colorado with Buddy and Bug. This blog is a chronicle of our adventures as we deal with homesickness and adjust to Mountain Living. “If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein
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  1. kelli mcelfresh (onda) says:

    *sad trombone=hilarious! I’m stealing it!

    Ever checked out It will validate this blog 1000 x’s over!

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